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Florida Parenting Plans – Requirements

Florida Parenting PLansFlorida Parenting Plans have specific elements that must be included in the Plan.

These elements are:

  • A detailed statement explaining how each parent will divide the responsibilities and tasks that are part of the child-rearing process and necessary for the well-being of the child;
  • The arrangements that have been made for the time-sharing schedule, specifically delineating how much time and in what manner each parent will spend time with the child;
  • A determination of who will have the ultimate responsibility for making health care and school-related decisions, including the designation of the residence that will determine what school district the child attends.  In addition, the Plan should outline the other anticipated activities and determine who will make the decisions relating to each of them.
  • The means by which each parent will communicate with the child, specifically setting forth whether the primary contact will be by telephone or a digital medium. (See Florida statute 61.13(2)(b)). Online Parenting Course required to be taken in Florida before you receive your divorce decree.