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SmartLegalForms Technology

SmartLegalForms Technology - Try Before You Buy

SmartLegalForms Technology: Try Before You Buy

  • SmartLegalForms technology powers this website. It’s easy to start.  Click on the document you want to purchase. Register for this site and you will have access to the SmartForm Document you have purchased.
  • Move through the SmartLegalForms® questionnaire answering all of the questions. Help prompts are available along the way.
  • You will see your document being created during this process.
  • When you are ready to purchase, just click on the purchase button.

Secure client by SmartLegalForms Technology

Set Up Your MyLegalAffairs™ Account

  • All  documents will be stored in your own secure, online MyLegalAffairs™ account.
  • You can even save incomplete questionnaires in your MyLegalAffairs™ account. Come back any time to edit, finish, and purchase as applicable.

View Assembled Document

Access Your Documents 24/7

  • All completed documents are accessible in your MyLegalAffairs™account 24/7.
  • Use your documents “as is” or you may need to make modifications to the document to suit your individual circumstances.

Legal Advice plus SmartLegalForms

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