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Parenting Plan – $29.00

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Parenting Plan – $29.00

This Parenting Plan document is to be used in conjunction with a divorce proceeding involving minor children. It establishes the final parental rights and responsibilities of the mother and father and is incorporated into the divorce decree. The plan details parenting schedules, decision making, residential requirements, transportation, communication, and dispute resolution.

A Parenting Plan, which is based on the best interests of the children, would then be signed and filed with the court. A parenting plan includes a time-sharing schedule, as well as addresses such issues as the children’s education, health care, and physical, social, and emotional well-being.  If the parenting arrangements and time-sharing schedule are not agreed to by the parties ahead of time, a judge may decide for the parties as part of establishing a parenting plan. Even if there is an agreement, the court has the right to modify issues relating to the minor children to ensure that the minors’ interests are being protected.

In some states, the presiding judge may request a parenting evaluation or appoint a legal guardian for the minor children during the divorce action. This is to ensure that the minors’ interests are protected.

With this document you can create either a basic parenting plan, a long distance parenting plan, and/or a highly structured parenting plan. The interactive nature of this document enables you to choose the alternatives that work for your particular situation.

This Parenting Plan will be accepted by courts in the United States.

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