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Uncontested Divorce Forms for No-Fault Divorces – $59.00

Within this website, we also offer automated no-fault, uncontested divorce forms for selected states that come with detailed instructions on how to file for divorce in your particular state.

Start Divorce Forms For Free

We know from experience that many couples can handle their own no-fault, uncontested divorce maintaining control over their divorce action.  The lowest cost way for you to get a divorce is to represent yourself in your own divorce action and to work with your spouse to make your divorce uncontested.

Our uncontested divorce form packages includes automated completion of state-specific documents you will need, along with simple, step-by-step instructions for filing and finalizing your divorce.

Included: All state-specific uncontested divorce forms for both spouses, which may include a Complaint or Petition, an Answer, Summons, Decree, Request for Judgment, as well as other state required documents, and step-by-step filing instructions for finalizing your divorce.


Always included when you purchase one of our Smart Legal Forms:

  • Access to your own MyLegalAffairs secure web account where you can store copies of your documents online securely;
  • Try Before You Buy – No Hidden Charges or Fees (fees – such as for filing with the court, etc. – are not included);
  • State-specific form language;
  • Child financial support affidavits, including calculation worksheets, and provisions for securing court-ordered support;
  • Name change clauses that enable one or both parties to revert to a maiden name.
  • 100% Guarantee;
  • Ability to edit your legal form at any time;
  • Ability to print your legal form instantly after document assembly;
  • Automated checks of your data entries;
  • Help screens to help you answer every question correctly;
  • Step-by-step instructions, in addition to your assembled form, to help you file or execute your documents correctly;
  • The ability to purchase legal advice from our network of virtual law firms for a modest fee;